Forget Sam Fisher: Rainbow Six Siege is getting something much cooler

Sam Fisher is currently a big topic in connection with the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege . There’s a reason for that, and it’s not just because both games are named Tom Clancy. There is one topic that should be even more interesting: a new gadget.

Why is everyone talking about Sam Fisher? The secret service employee of the “Third Echelon” was announced yesterday, August 11th, with a new teaser as the new operator in Rainbow Six. Fisher will have the code name “Zero” in Rainbow Six. Get r6 credits generator

It will appear with the upcoming season 3 of year 5 with the name “Shadow Legacy”, the start of which has not yet been revealed. Season 2 has been running since June 16 . The seasons usually last around 3 months. The release of Zero would be around the beginning of September.

Who is Sam Fisher? Sam Fisher is actually the protagonist of Splinter Cell, a famous series of games that have covert operations as their theme. The games, along with Assassin’s Creed, are Ubisoft’s flagship series.

Splinter Cell is a stealth shooter and Fisher works with many gadgets that help him stay undetected while tracking down enemies. What exactly he can do is not yet known, but a leak has already revealed Zero’s abilities :

  • Ability: Sticky cameras that are fired with a pistol and drill into walls
  • Primary weapons: SC3000K (assault rifle) / MP7 (submachine gun)
  • Secondary weapon: 5.7 USG (pistol)
  • Equipment: Frag Grenade / Claymore

Zero’s announcement is causing a stir right now, but it’s not the coolest thing Rainbow Six can expect in the near future.

A gadget is even more important than the new operator

What kind of gadget is that? A few days ago Ubisoft announced that the “Mini Breach Charge” would appear (via GameStar ). This is a new device that several operators can equip. We don’t know who exactly.

The charge can blow holes in reinforced walls. They aren’t big enough to go through, but you can fire through them. They also provide visibility and thus information that is particularly important for victory .

Why is that so cool? In fact, only four Operators can open reinforced walls in Rainbow Six:

  • Hibana
  • Thermite
  • Maverick
  • Ace, a new operator from Season 2

In many matches, especially at a higher level, two of these operators are often banned for a match if the map allows a strong structure with reinforced walls. So far, this has forced players to switch to one of the other operators they may not be very good at.

With the new gadget, however, it is possible to completely dispense with them, for example in favor of more reconnaissance, more firepower or obstruction of the enemy. The “Mini Breach Charge” could really shake up the meta in Rainbow Six

WHen does it come? The gadget has so far only been announced for year 5. This has only two seasons and since so much is already known about it, it could appear with the coming season 3. But that is not yet certain.

The revision of one of the oldest operators is also planned for year 5: Tachanka. He is also one of the worst when it comes to his values. That’s one of the reasons Ubisoft is now overhauling it. A small group of hardcore fans of the “Lord” does not agree with that .

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