XD is without a doubt the Adobe tool of the day. For the release of the new screen design and prototyping tool, Adobe stirred the advertising drum. It seems as if Adobe is determined to establish XD as the new industry standard and to displace competing products like Sketch from the market in the long term.

That Adobe is able to do this teaches the past – for example, QuarkXPress disappeared almost completely from the scene after the introduction of InDesign.

We have also already lost a few words about XD in a previous post . Today we would like to illuminate the tool a little more extensively and would like to share it with you.


  • General overhaul: Unlike Photoshop, Adobe XD was programmed from scratch, there are no legacies and the technology is absolutely modern. Full-screen mode and split-screen are finally also possible on the Mac.
  • Clarity: With context-based programming, finally no more layered confusion à la Photoshop.
  • Speeeeeed: The program is incredibly fast and still works smoothly even with a large number of drawing surfaces.
  • Open Minded: The program will be further developed based on the wishes of the community. At the moment you can look forward to new features and improvements every month. https://adobexd.uservoice.com/
    Just have a look!
  • File size: Using the UI kit for IOS as an example, PSD files are 36 times larger than XD files.
    No more words needed.
  • Razor sharp: the program supports a vector-based view. Vectors can be imported directly from Illustrator via copy paste and edited extensively.
  • Clear orientation instead of wishy-washy: Adobe XD has a clear orientation and task – the creation of screen designs and prototypes for websites and apps. Photoshop, on the other hand, has long since ceased to be used only for image editing. This makes it difficult to respond to the needs of a target group and to solve their problems. Adobe XD bridges the gap here – unnecessary features have been removed, useful features have been added.
  • Prototyping and mockup creation: With XD it is now possible to interact between individual screens with a click. In this way, the functionality of the screen design can be presented to the customer quickly and easily. The release takes place via a link – the customer can view the mockup directly scrollable in original size in the browser.
    Finally no more complex PDF presentations.
  • Cooperation with developers: The release of design specifications makes implementation easier for the developer. Many properties such as size, color, font and content can be copied quickly and easily.

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  • Easy switch: The switch from Photoshop to XD was very easy for me personally. The clear structure and the shortcuts also make work easier.
  • And much more: Repeat grids, simple layout grids, character formats, symbols, drawing areas, linked color fields and much more ensure a lot of fun when designing the screen.
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  • Not yet complete: Unfortunately, some essential and extremely simple features are not yet included. This includes, for example, the capitalization – important for the representation of headings.
  • Distribution: At the moment, Adobe XD is not that widely used. Many agencies will continue to use Photoshop. This could be a problem, especially if the cooperation partner is still working with the Creative Suite. However, if the other party has Creative Cloud access, Adobe XD can easily be downloaded free of charge. The view of the developer approval also requires an Adobe account.
  • Doesn’t work on old computers: In the early days, XD was only developed for the Mac. XD now also runs under Windows 10.
    Versions older than Windows 10 are unfortunately not supported. The hardware must also meet the requirements. An overview of the requirements can be found here:

How we use Adobe XD in our daily workflow

Since the first beta version, XD has been repeatedly tested for smaller tasks by individual employees. The curiosity was extremely great. The first major project was then implemented in June 2017, i.e. still in the beta phase of XD. After that, we used Adobe XD for almost every major screen design project. Since then, designing feels much more intuitive for us web designers and everything is easier to do.

If you use Adobe XD correctly and value a clean document structure, complex changes such as changing the font or the colors across all drawing areas can be done within seconds. The approval function also relieves us of some of the work and provides the customer with a better imagination.


We work productively and with pleasure with Adobe XD and look forward to the future – it will certainly have some exciting functions ready and further accelerate the workflow.

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