Geometry Dash SubZero: All Stars, Walkthrough, Solution + Review

See in the walkthrough how you master all stars and the level in Geometry Dash SubZero. At the end you will also find the links to download the app. Geometry Dash SubZero is an expansion to Geometry Dash with currently three new levels, but they have it all. Without lying, you can say that Geometry Dash SubZero is one of the most difficult game apps and that the main game is in no way inferior. Mega hack v6 free download

Geometry Dash SubZero: Walkthrough through all levels

Level 1: Press Start – This is how you get all the stars

Press Start is the name of Level 1 in Geometry Dash SubZero and this is already damn hard. Sometimes it goes from right to left and the 3 stars, at least the first two, are very well hidden. Here is the walkthrough for Press Start:

Level 2: Nock Em from Geometry Dash SubZero

Level 2 of Geometry Dash SubZero is called Nock Em and is largely influenced by the music, like Level 1. Take a look at the video for the solution for the level and how to get the 3 stars.

Level 3: Power Trip Walkthrough and Solution

Finally, here is the walkthrough and the solution to Level 3 of Geometry Dash SubZero. This is called Power Trip and is even more difficult. Here, too, it sometimes goes from right to left, different designs and thus provides plenty of variety.

Download the app + short review

Geometry Dash SubZero is probably the hardest game that still knows how to inspire – screenshot (c) RobTop Games

Geometry Dash SubZero is simply addicting – provided you are a fan of the gameplay. Beginners should first start the Practice Mode, because there are save points here so that you can first look at the level in full. Only then is normal mode recommended, because here you have to act for a good 2 minutes without errors and touch the screen at the right time. It will probably take hundreds of attempts to finally make it.

The special thing about the game app for Android, iPhone and iPad, however, is the background music, which has been perfectly timed for the action. This makes playing through it even more fun. And if that is still too easy for you, you can also try to get the 3 stars in each level, some of which are well hidden. You can already see the walkthrough and how you find all 3 stars on Geometry Dash SubZero in the videos above. Geometry Dash SubZero is available for download free of charge for Android and iOS and receives a clear download recommendation from us.

Geometry Dash SubZero for Android in the Google Play Store

You can download Geometry Dash SubZero for free from the Google Play Store. To do this, you need a smartphone or tablet with Android 4 or higher. To the Google Play Store:

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